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Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

Your hormones are the powerhouse driving almost every aspect of your cellular functioning. From your mood to your metabolism and sex drive, your hormones play a powerful role in your overall health and wellness.

However, hormone levels may fluctuate from aging, or natural deficiencies can leave you lacking vital hormones your body needs to function. Hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones can bring you back into balance. 

Henderson Women’s Care in Henderson, NV can help you balance your hormones and reconnect with your best self. Is bioidentical hormone therapy right for you? Contact us for an evaluation and to explore your options for hormone replacement therapy in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

What Are Hormones?

Hormones are the body’s messengers. They travel through the body regulating cellular processes like growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, mood, and reproduction. Our hormones manage the body’s response to stress and help control sleep and other vital processes.

Optimal health depends on optimal hormone levels. Hormone levels in the body are constantly changing. Aging is a key time when hormone levels change, causing many of the body changes associated with aging. 

As women age, their bodies may experience a decline in hormone production, specifically in their levels of testosterone and estrogen. This hormone decline can lead to symptoms like hot flashes, decreased energy, lower libido, and weight gain. Declining hormone levels are also associated with osteoporosis, cognitive decline, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other serious health concerns. 

What Menopause Symptoms Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Treat?

Hormone replacement therapy can address many concerns associated with the changing hormonal levels of menopause and perimenopause. Our patients have seen relief from the following symptoms after starting treatment. 

  • Brain fog
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido (low sex drive)
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dry skin
  • Low energy
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain (increased body fat)


At Henderson Women’s Care, we offer the highest quality of care for our patients. Our warm, supportive, and caring environment yields a positive experience. Our warm, supportive, and caring environment yields a positive experience. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our aesthetic, OBGYN and hormone therapy services. 

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be Right for You

Hormone replacement therapy can reestablish youthful levels of essential hormones like estrogen. Rebalancing your hormone levels may protect the body against menopause symptoms and other health concerns associated with decreased estrogen levels. Our patients tell us that hormone replacement helps them feel better and function optimally, even as the aging process continues.

Hormone therapy isn’t suitable for every patient, but if you’re interested in exploring it, reach out and schedule a consultation with us. Dr. Douglas Tanita and our team are experts in women’s health. They understand how hormonal processes can impact your physical and mental health and overall wellness. We can help you to understand the changes your body is experiencing and how hormone replacement can impact those changes.  Dr. Tanita is an expert in the field and has written several publications on the subject.

What Happens During Treatment?

At Henderson Women’s Care, we want to optimize healthcare for our patients. We know that hormone replacement needs to easily fit into your busy lifestyle. We use a specialized pellet delivery system (SottoPelle® HRT Pellet Method) to provide your body with continual access to bioidentical hormones. 

The SottoPelle® HRT Pellet Method is very reliable and delivers a steady, measured dose of the hormones your body needs. With our advanced pellet delivery system, you won’t need to remember to take pills, change patches, or rub on creams. Your body will have continual, steady hormone levels. And if you experience a need for additional hormones, like during times of stress or exercise, the pellet system can deliver the supplemental hormones needed.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right For Me?

  • You want to protect your bone and cardiovascular health.
  • You are concerned about menopause symptoms, including weight gain, hot flashes, and decreased energy.
  • You are struggling with your sexual health due to vaginal dryness or loss of sex drive.
  • You want to feel better as you age. 

If you’re interested in learning more about bioidentical hormone replacement in Henderson, NV, contact Henderson Women’s Care for a consultation with our board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist. 

What Happens During Hormone Pellet Insertion?

Pellet insertion is a quick, in-office procedure. There is no need for anesthesia, and you can immediately return to work and other activities.

Pellets are placed under the skin in the buttocks using a process that is very similar to a shot. The area is cleaned and numbed using a local anesthetic. Then a small incision is created (less than 2 mm), and the pellet is placed under the skin. We close the incision with a special type of bandage or glue to ensure your comfort. 

Special aftercare isn’t needed, but you can apply ice to the insertion site for the first 12 hours (10 minutes on, 20 minutes off). Avoid taking NSAID medications like ibuprofen as they can increase bleeding. Avoid heavy exercise or submerging in water for a few days after your treatment. Showering is fine.

Hormone Replacement and Age

Testosterone production in women declines steeply in the early reproductive years. A woman of 40 has half the mean plasma total testosterone of a 21-year old. Many women who still have regular cycles frequently report ‘menopausal symptoms’, most of which are not related to estradiol levels. 

Symptoms of relative testosterone deficiency including:

  • diminished sense of well-being
  • dysphoric mood (sadness, depression, anxiety, and irritability)
  • fatigue
  • decreased libido
  • hot flashes
  • bone loss and decreased muscle strength
  • changes in cognition and memory
  • insomnia may occur prior to cessation of menses

Learn More About Hormone Replacement Symptoms in Las Vegas, NV

Contact Henderson Women’s Care to learn more about hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones delivered through convenient subcutaneous pellets. Call us at (702) 847-6252 or contact us online.

FAQS: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many insurance plans cover hormone replacement therapy. Talk with your medical insurance provider for coverage details, or ask our team to help you understand your coverage and benefits.

Hormone replacement therapy is highly individualized, making it difficult to provide accurate pricing without a consultation. We can provide details on the cost of your treatment after you meet with Dr. Tanita.

Typically, women require pellet replacement every 3-4 months to maintain symptomatic relief.

Results happen quickly after hormone replacement therapy. Many women start to see changes in just a few weeks. Full effects from treatment take longer and are usually seen within 3-6 months of starting bioidentical hormone replacement.

Hormone replacement isn’t appropriate for every patient. As leading specialists in women’s health in Henderson, NV, our team will work with you to understand your medical history and treatment goals to determine if hormone therapy is right for you. Women with some types of breast cancer or a history of cardiovascular problems may not be good candidates for this treatment. Let’s talk about your health and your options and find solutions for optimizing your health.

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