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10 Best Questions to Ask Your OBGYN

Whether you have to take care of your well-being, need to focus on your reproductive health, or want to look after your upcoming baby, it is important to visit an OBGYN. But when you are planning to visit a doctor who specializes in female reproductive health, it is equally as crucial to ask the right questions to alleviate your concerns.

To help you find relief from your worries, here are 10 questions to ask your OBGYN at your next visit.

What To Ask Your OBGYN At an Annual Appointment?

At an annual appointment, you visit your OBGYN to check in on your overall health, identify underlying issues, and get any subsequent medical tests or treatments that are necessary.

At such an appointment, you can ask the following questions from your OBGYN.

1. Is Having Painful Periods Normal?

This question may seem redundant. But if your periods are more painful than usual and go beyond the dreaded cramps, it is important to seek an expert opinion to identify any possible problems with your reproductive health.

2. Is Pain During Sex Normal?

Similar to period pain, discomfort during sex is an everyday occurrence for many. But if this grows to the point of pain, it rings a bell for graver concerns. By asking this question, you can get the help you need to resolve the underlying issue.

3. How Can I Prevent STDs And STIs?

Even if you are sexually active, the topic of sexual health might be embarrassing to bring up. However, there is no harm in discussing your sex life with your doctor. Remembering these questions to ask your OBGYN lets you get the necessary information to prevent STDs and STIs.

4. What Type of Vaginal Discharge Is Concerning?

Vaginal discharge is a regular occurrence in many cases. But in certain situations, discharge can lead to more significant problems. By marking this as one of the answers about what to ask your OBGYN, you can learn what type of vaginal discharge requires you to contact a doctor.

5. Am I In Good Health to Get Pregnant?

In case you are planning to get pregnant, this question allows you to determine if you need care such as prenatal vitamins or fertility tests. This can help you towards a healthy and worry-free pregnancy.

What Questions to Ask Your OBGYN If You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant, the nature of your OBGYN visits changes drastically. In such appointments, your focus is not only on your own health but also on your baby’s well-being.

During these visits, you can ask your OBGYN the following questions.

1. What Type of Pain Should I Worry About?

Feeling aches or pain during pregnancy is a typical experience for many women. But in some instances, it is also a warning sign to get medical attention. This question prepares you to identify such problems and get help without any delay.

2. What Should I Expect from The Current Trimester?

The stages of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters. This helps your doctor and you to track as well as manage expected changes. This makes it one of the most important questions to ask your OBGYN during your pregnancy.

3. Is My Current Weight Normal for My Pregnancy?

Weight gain is a big concern for many pregnant women. But in many cases, gaining excessive weight is not the primary concern. Instead, not gaining enough weight stands out as a worrisome issue. This makes it an important question to remember when noting what to ask your OBGYN.

4. Do I Need to Make Changes to My Lifestyle?

To ensure a healthy pregnancy, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes a proper diet, light exercise, and an ideal work-life balance. This question lets you determine if your activities align with your OBGYN’s recommendations.

5. When Should I Take a Break from Work?

Typically, you can continue working late into your third trimester. But this duration depends on a case-to-case basis. By making this one of the questions to ask your OBGYN, you can get a detailed answer that is specific to your health.

Henderson Women’s Care – Your Las Vegas/Henderson OBGYN

It can be overwhelming to remember what to ask your OBGYN. But using these questions gives you a guideline to inquire about your most pressing concerns. With the help of Dr. Douglas Tanita and his team, you can rest assured to get detailed answers to all your questions and have your health become the focus of your appointment. Feeling more confident about your OBGYN appointment? Schedule your consultation by contacting Henderson Women’s Care at (702) 847-6252 or completing our online form today!

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