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How Does Xeomin® Work for Frown Lines?

As a neuromodulator that is FDA-approved for cosmetic use, Xeomin® in Henderson, NV remains a highly sought-after treatment for frown lines. Through this injectable, you can effectively reduce these unwanted wrinkles from your face for a younger and relaxed appearance.

But exactly how does Xeomin® work for frown lines and how effective it is as a neuromodulator? To help you find the answers to these questions, here is a quick guide to Xeomin®.

What Is Xeomin®?

Xeomin® is made from botulinum toxin A, which is a neurotoxin that limits muscular movement upon contact. When used in controlled quantities, this neuromodulator temporarily prevents the movement of muscles surrounding the area where it is injected.

Xeomin® composition does not contain any complexing proteins. This allows Xeomin® to be received by patients who might have an allergic reaction to other neuromodulators that contain these. Botox® stands out as the most popular example of neuromodulators with complexing proteins.

How Does Xeomin® Work for Frown Lines?

Once injected between and around your eyebrows, Xeomin® prevents muscular movements across the treatment area. When Xeomin’s® composition of botulinum toxin A takes hold, the muscles that cause frown lines are relaxed and unable to move.

In turn, this treatment starts reducing the appearance of frown lines and allows you to get rid of the worried, sad, and angry look that stems from frown lines. In many cases, you can start seeing visible results within a few weeks. This provides you with an easy way to get rid of worrisome frown lines.

How Long Does Xeomin® Last for Frown Lines?

Typically, Xeomin® for frown lines can last for three to six months. This means that you do not have to commit to the effects from the first treatment itself. However, if you enjoy the results and want to retain them, you can set up maintenance appointments to continue enjoying the benefits of Xeomin®.

After learning how does Xeomin® work during your initial consultation with your Xeomin® treatment expert, you can get a precise estimate about the frequency of your follow-up appointments as well. This enables you to plan for your ideal results properly.

Xeomin® vs. Botox®: Which One Is Better?

Both Xeomin® and Botox® are FDA-approved for cosmetic treatments of dynamic wrinkles that appear with constant movement of muscles. Both treatments deliver effective results for their intended treatments. This makes them sit on par with each other in terms of their overall visual benefits.

The main difference between Xeomin® and Botox® appears in their composition. While Xeomin® does not have any complexing proteins within its composition, Botox® contains these proteins. This fact makes Xeomin® a safer option for those who have an allergic reaction to the complexing proteins in Botox®.

Henderson Women’s Care—Your Las Vegas & Henderson Xeomin® Specialist

Once you learn how Xeomin® works for frown lines, you can be more confident about receiving the treatment for a younger and more refreshed appearance. With the expertise and experience of Dr. Douglas Tanita and his team, you can also remain confident about obtaining the desired results from your chosen treatment. Ready to say goodbye to frown lines? Schedule your consultation by contacting Henderson Women’s Care at (702) 847-6252 or completing our online form today!

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